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    Diver Basics

    Basic course for participants who want to become acquainted with the possibilities of Diver and who want to perform simple analyzes independently. Also suitable for participants who will be working with NetDiver. Participants are expected to be familiar with the Windows platform.

    Diver Advanced

    Advanced possibilities of Diver, making (advanced) calculations and logical grouping of the data for various reports are discussed. Working with so-called time series is also discussed here. Having completed the Diver Basics course is required.


    The two-day course discusses working with Workbench and the integrated tools Integrator and Spectre. The Diver Basics and Diver Advanced course is required.


    DivePort is the portal associated with Diver. This is where dashboards are created. This course discusses the structure of DivePort and how to get the data published. Attention is also paid to making a logical and responsible design. Having followed the “Diver Basics” course is required; having followed the courses “Diver Advanced” and “Developer” is recommended.

    Spectre Advanced

    For this training we will discuss the Spectre build editor. After this, among other things, filter, groupings and time series in cPlan are discussed. We will present the data via dives, QuickView sets and various portlets.

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